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EnviroDerm Services is a family business specialising in prevention of damage to health from workplace skin exposure. Offering advice, education and tools for effective management of skin exposure in the workplace, skin health surveillance, selection and use of gloves for skin protection and more. Education and training opportunities include books, training CDs, toolbox talks, worker leaflets, presentations, awareness sessions, and professional training courses. The education and training possibilities can be both open and run in-house for your workforce and colleagues.

We have decades of experience investigating suspected work-related skin problems and finding cost effective solutions to manage skin exposure in the workplace. We thrive on finding solutions to difficult and complicated skin exposure issues.

EnviroDerm are exclusive distributors for Courage & Khazaka and Wheelsbridge, both well respected skin measurement equipment manufacturers, in the UK and Ireland. The range of skin, hair and nail parameters that can be measured stretches from hydration, transepidermal water loss, sebum and pH through to microcirculation, mechanical properties and skin topography. The applications include skin health surveillance, skin research, claim substantiation, aesthetics & medicine, and marketing.

The Health and Safety Executive’s Science and Research Centre is Britain’s leading provider of health and safety solutions with over thirty years of pan-industry experience.

Working closely with our clients we provide investigation of workplace and environmental hazards and their consequences on human health by bringing together expertise in occupational hygiene, occupational medicine, a complete suite of analytical measurements including environmental monitoring, biological monitoring, clinical chemistry, physiology, microbiology and immunology. We can also offer expertise in ergonomics, work psychology, personal protective equipment, fire and explosion hazards, engineering and computer modelling.

Our work ranges from single investigations of exposure to a chemical, biological or physical hazard through to large scale surveys.