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RiverD International pioneered the technology for rapid non-invasive
molecular skin analysis by in vivo confocal Raman spectroscopy. The
gen2-SCA family of skin composition analyzers provides detailed
information about the molecular composition of the skin, with high
spatial resolution.

This capability is widely used to study the intrinsic skin composition as
well as the penetration of substances into the skin. Testimony to this are
the close to 100 papers of RiverD-customers, that have appeared in the
peer-reviewed scientific literature.

Since its start in 2002 RiverD has continued to devote much effort to the
continuous further development of its technology and data analysis

Quantitative determination of the in vivo skin penetration of topically
applied products (in micrograms/cm2) is a unique and important
capability that has recently been added to RiverD’s new SkinTools 3 data
analysis software.




As a comprehensive system provider the medium-sized and family-owned company PGP produces and distributes a full program for the prevention of occupational skin diseases which consists of the brands Physioderm®, Greven and Lordin® and Myxal®. The system includes skin protection products, skin cleansing products, skin care products, disinfectants and dispensers. Product quality and business success are a result of continuous investments in research and development and also result from the intensive communication with customers and consumers.

SKC can provide you with ALL the equipment you need for Dust, Gas/Vapour Sampling. As of 2018 we are a global distributor for all Gastec products.

We also produce quality air sampling products for the industrial hygiene, occupational health, and environmental and indoor air quality professional.

Our products manufactured here in the UK and in the US at SKC Inc. enable collection of airborne pollution over a wide base of operations and include equipment for both personal and environmental sampling.

SKC also offers sound level meters for workplace and environmental noise monitoring and indoor air quality instruments for a variety of issues.

Supplying a Global community with product lines certified to European standards made in the UK and offering the most recent developments in air sampling technology, with back up from experienced technical personnel, SKC are world leaders in customer care and support.