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KEYNOTE Dr Christoph Riethmüller

Executive Director, Serend-ip GmbH
Centre for Nanotechnology - University of Münster

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION:  – ‘Tiny Footprints Left on Corneocytes by Genetics and Lifestyle’

Dr. Christoph Riethmüller was trained chemistry at universities of Münster, Konstanz and Berlin with a diploma thesis in physics. After studying Archebacterial metabolism at the Max-Planck-Institute for Biochemistry (Munich) he focused on nitric oxide (NO) as a biological signal. He received a PhD in Pharmacology for the direct measurement of NO out of purified enzyme and living cells from the University of Graz, Austria (Prof. Bernd Mayer). In 2002, as a lecturer of medical physiology at Münster University, he started using atomic force microscopy (AFM). The research focused on correlations between nanoscopic morphology and cellular barrier function. Since biologically relevant forces leave tiny traces at the cell surface, a systematic quantitation was developed, called nAnostic™ (nanoscale topography for diagnostics). In 2009, Dr. Riethmüller founded the Serend-ip GmbH, which offers nAnostic-assays for biomedical applications, mainly for tumor research and dermatology.



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