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KEYNOTE Cécile Clavaud

Project Leader in Skin Microbiome, Microbiome Discovery Domain, Advanced Research
L’Oréal Research and Innovation, France

KEYNOTE PRESENTATION – “Skin microbiome signatures in healthy skin across daily life : perspectives for cosmetics”

My initial expertise is chemistry and biochemistry thanks to a PhD thesis in medical imaging (CEA Saclay, 2002-2006). Then I learned medical mycology during 5 years post-doc at Institut Pasteur (Paris) where I studied the biochemistry of a Aspergillus fumigatus, a pathogenic mold responsible for nosocomial infections (2006-2011).

During six years (2011-2017), at L’Oreal, my main area of expertise was skin and scalp microbiome profiling (bacteria fungi and viruses) in any type of skin and skin area in order to identify key determinant associated to skin and scalp disorders. This work was possible thanks to my position at Open Research Europe, where I had the chance to establish partnerships with the top academic researchers of the field.

Since 2018, I am in charge of laboratory activities dedicated to the skin microbiome interaction to better understand how commensal microbiota can impact positively the skin barrier function and the skin quality.

Based on my expertise, I am also contributing to support the development of new microbiome based concepts for L’oreal brands, such as Vichy Dercos and La Roche Posay.

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