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Session 1 Keynote Speaker Dan Whitby – Circadian Effects on Skin Health and Repair

Session 2a – Occupational Exposure

Session 2a Steven Verpaele – Importance of Standardization in Skin Exposure Assessment

Session 2a Henk Goede – The dermal ART model

Jessica Meyer Systematic Analysis of Dermal Exposure to Hazardous Chemical Agents at the Workplace (SysDEA): Results and Implications

Session 2a Chris Packham – Chemicals and The Skin Presentation Notes

Session 2b – Occupational Case Studies

Radu-Corneliu Duca Monitoring of Surface Contamination and Dermal Exposure to Cytotoxic Agents in Public Hospital Workers

Session 2b Koen Verbist – Dermal risk assessment – going Dutch

Session 2b Kate Jones – The role of biological monitoring in managing occupational skin exposure to isocyanates

Session 2b Zoi Papadatou – Exploring Occupational Irritant Hand Dermatitis amongst Healthcare Workers in NHS Grampian

Session 3b – Hygiene Knowledge in Practice

Sandra Kuchta Dermal Exposure in Chemical Risk Assessment: Trends from Canada’s Chemicals Management Plan

Session 3b Koen Verbist – Dermal exposure in the Vietnam clothing industry

Session 3b Sharyn Gaskin – dermal exposure in the workplace

Session 3b Niamh O’Boyle – Epoxy Resins – From Chemistry to Clinic

Session 4 Keynote Speaker – Alberto J. Caban-Martinez – University of Miami A Total Worker Health Approach to Skin Exposure Assessment: Evidence from the Firefighter Cancer Initiative


Session 5a – Health Knowledge in Practice

Session 5a John Cherrie – Nudging Construction Workers Towards Better Sun Safety Behaviour

Session 5a Horatiu-Remus Moldovan – Occupational Exposure to Ultraviolet Radiation in the Construction

Session 5a Linn Holness – Update on the Ontario Occupational Disease Action Plan

Session 5a Linn Holness – Reported workplace prevention activities by industry sector

Session 5b – Clinical Case Studies

Session 5b Nicola Cherry – Occupational dermatitis in welding

Session 5b Stephen Larson – Acute and Chronic Effects of Occupational Skin Exposure

Session 5b Lina Hagvall – Contact allergy to oxidized fragrance terpenes and occupational

Session 5b Mariko Ono-Ogasawara – Occupational Bladder Cancer

Session 6 Mark Birch-Machin – Stressed out Skin, Environmental Exposure & Interventions

Session 7 Keynote Speaker – Hazem Matar – University of Hertfordshire Exposure & Decontamination of Casualties & Emergency Responders to Toxic Materials

Session 8a – Emergency Response

Session 8a Naomi Hudson – NIOSH Skin Notations and Dermal Toolkits

Session 8a Nicola Cherry – Skin Exposure and Absorption of Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons

Session 8b – Interventions for Contact Dermatitis

Session 8b Linn Holness – A quantitative study of training, knowledge and

Session 8b Horatiu-Remus Moldovan – PREVEDERM – an Interventional Study for Preventing Hand

Session 8b Linn Holness – Perspectives of hospital occupational health nurses regarding the


Session 10a – Measurement Techniques

Session 10a Gerwin Puppels – Skin Penetration of Chemicals – Quantitative in Vivo Analysis by Raman Spectroscopy

Masoumeh Dowlatshahi Pour Imaging of Metallic Allergen Penetration into Human Skin Using Time-of-Flight Secondary Ion Mass Spectrometry

Klara Midander A Novel Approach to Monitor Skin Permeation Kinetics of Metals


Session 10b – Toxicology

Session 10b Hung-Chang Tsui – Chemicals inducing Selective Airway Hyper-reactivity after sensitization via

Session 10b Simone Schmitz-Spanke – Effect of simultaneous exposure to mixtures of skin

Session 10b Jeroen Vanoirbeek – The essential role of skin sensitization in the

John Kissel Revisiting a Skin Cancer Potency for Benzo[a]pyrene

Session 11 Christoph Riethmüller – Tiny Footprints Left on Corneocytes by Genetics and Lifestyle

Session 12 Keynote Speaker – Cécile Clavaud – L’Oreal Skin Microbiome Signatures in Healthy Skin Across Daily Life: Perspectives for Cosmetics

Session 13a Exposure & Transport Pathways

Session 13a Jennifer Sahmel – Dermal Exposure Assessment

John Kissel Potential Contribution of Dermal Pathways to Nicotine Exposure in Children Residing in Smoking Households

Session 13a Lucy Coleman – Xenobiotic Metabolism Integrated into an in Silico Dermal Pharmacokinetic Model for Exposure Assessment

Session 13b Experimental Studies

Session 13b Darren Beriro – Steps toward a physiologically based in vitro dermal

Session 13b Catherine Champmartin – In vitro Percutaneous Absorption of Bisphenol S compared

Session 13b Elena Reale – Influence of experimental parameters

Session 13b Fabrice Marquet – In vitro rat skin to predict human dermal